MiC Most Clicked 2013: Rogers changes sales structure

The media co announcing it was changing the way it works with agencies was the most-read story of the year.
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MiC has been winding down 2013 this week with a round-up of the most-clicked stories of the past year. The most-read story of the year was the announcement that Rogers Media was reworking the way it does business with media agencies.

The media co announced that all of its existing sales team members would be reporting to agency team leads who would work with a dedicated group of clients across platforms. Rolled out in Toronto last spring, the new model was already in place for the media co in Montreal for its Quebec clients, and Jack Tomik, chief sales officer, Rogers Media, confirms to MiC that it recently was put into place for western clients as well.

Stay tuned for a story on how the rollout has gone so far for the media co when MiC returns on Jan. 2, 2014.

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