Yahoo’s latest updates

Canadian country manager Claude Galipeau tells MiC about the company's redesigned homepage and upcoming ad changes.

Yahoo Canada has unveiled a new look for its homepage, the place Claude Galipeau, country manager, Yahoo Canada, still calls the “welcoming door” for Yahoo Canada and Yahoo Quebec.

Galipeau says the changes make the website more user friendly across platforms, making it “mobile friendly, if not mobile first.”

“The improved mobile and tablet sites will help to catch people as they move across devices as the day goes on,” he says. “We want to have a unified and awesome experience for users across devices throughout the day.”

The website, which gets around 16 to 17 million monthly unique visitors in Canada, is aiming to become more personalized with the redesign, allowing Yahoo Canada users who are signed in to click an icon on stories to see more of the same types of pieces and another to remove those kinds of stories from their feeds. Galipeau says the redesign also includes larger areas for photography to make the feel of the site more “light and airy.”

In addition to the redesigned site, Galipeau says Yahoo Canada will be bringing new advertising options to Canadian clients later this year, with the native and search ads the company rolled out at CES earlier this month coming north of the border.