Rogers Media signs with MediaRadar

The media co is now working with the sales insights and analytics company, which is expanding from the US into Canada.
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Sales analytics and insights company MediaRadar is expanding into Canada for the first time since launching in 2006 and has announced a partnership deal with Rogers Media.

The company provides cross-platform, personalized data for sales staff at companies with which it partners, providing leads and how to contact those individuals, Jesse Keller, co-founder and CTO, MediaRadar, tells MiC.

“As we continue to embrace digital and multi-platform integration in publishing sales, we are looking at tools that reflect our needs and make us stronger assets to our advertising partners,” says Brandon Kirk, VP of sales, Rogers Media. “MediaRadar offers sales intelligence tailored to the specific needs of our sales force across both print and digital, and their speed of data allows for more proactive sales efforts.”

MediaRadar is interested in expanding its presence beyond its first partnership in Canada, says Keller, but couldn’t comment on what the next deal it signs might be.

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