Koodo’s El Tabador to get sitcom treatment

The animated pitchman is part of a proposed half-hour family sitcom, pursuing his celebrity lifestyle in a mansion with an entourage.
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For the past four years, the animated icon El Tabador has starred in Koodo mobile phone advertising campaigns.

Now former World Wrestling Entertainment Canada topper Carl Demarco has inked a deal with Telus to exploit the Koodo pitchman in other media as part of a global rights deal.

Development work has begun on a half-hour primetime family TV sitcom that, like the ads, will place a CGI-animated El Tabador in live action scenes.

Demarco’s production shingle, Camillion Corp., will start shopping the animated Mexican wrestler as a possible sitcom star at Kidscreen Summit.

The project, now in development, would see the Koodo pitchman pursue his celebrity lifestyle by living in a mansion with an offbeat entourage, and dealing with guest stars from Hollywood and TV wrestling.

“El Tabador’s character is a natural not only for a TV sitcom, but also for any digital platform,” said Demarco in a statement on Tuesday.

Camillion Corp. is currently searching for a series showrunner, and an animation studio to complete the work for a sitcom.

“This is an excellent opportunity for Koodo to break the traditional barriers of marketing, sponsorship and advertising,” added Kevin Banderk, Chief Koodo Officer, in his own statement.

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