Auto ads drive away with most Super Bowl airtime

Financial spots were up five points versus last year, according to CMR preliminary data from BBM Analytics.

Sunday’s Canadian broadcast of the Super Bowl saw 101 commercials hit the airwaves, amounting to just over 47 minutes of advertising, which is three minutes more than last year on CTV (CFTO) Toronto’s broadcast.

According to data provided by BBM Analytics there were 47 companies advertising during the game, which amounts to 12 more than 2013′s broadcast. Those companies produced spots for 61 brands, seven more than last year’s broadcast.

Overall, automotive ads had the most commercials during the game, with 32% of all spots during CTV (CFTO) Toronto’s broadcast. The financial category saw a significant increase with 11% of the spots as opposed to 6% last year.


Source: BBM Analytics CMR – CFTO preliminary data February 2, 2014.

NFL photo via Shutterstock