Juice Mobile launches interactive ‘hot spot’ tablet ad unit

The mobile marketing firm has partnered with Nissan and OMD to introduce video ads with tappable buttons.

Juice Mobile has partnered with Nissan and OMD to launch a new interactive ad unit for tablets that lets viewers engage with a video through tappable “hot spot” buttons.

As part of Nissan’s Winter Warrior campaign, the new units ran from Feb. 21 to March 9 across Juice Mobile’s roster of publisher partners, including Postmedia, to target men and women in the market to buy a car. Throughout the 60-second video, small buttons appear that, when clicked, pause the stream and open pop-up windows containing driving tips and details about the car’s features. The video garnered a 78% completion rate and a 93% engagement rate, according to a Juice Mobile release.

Neil Sweeney, president and CEO, Juice Mobile, tells MiC that the mobile firm has three or four different brands currently in production with the new unit, and that the hot spot buttons can be used for photos, product galleries and a wide variety of information. “[For example,] if you’re a packaged goods brand and you’re trying to talk specifically about the benefits of your product, the nutritional value or what you can do with the product, those are the sort of things you would be highlighting,” he says.

Sweeney says pricing for the hot spot units is in line with Juice’s rich media rate on a CPM basis.

Juice Mobile also introduced a voice-activated ad unit in Dec. 2013. Sweeney says the goal of developing the new units is to change the dynamic of how consumers are engaging with ads in mobile. “We saw the first generation of [mobile] ads be kind of passive,” says Sweeney. “This is more of a two-way communication with the consumer where you can get more information, not just a one-line message. What we’ve found among most of the brands and agencies is that’s very appealing to put more of a conversation and more of an interaction into their marketing messages.”

“Our goal is to introduce a never-been-done-before ad unit once a month for the rest of the year,” says Sweeney.