Every company needs to be a tech co: study

A new report from JWT highlights the top mobile trends on the horizon.

Everything is connected. Or at least, nearly everything will be connected, according to the latest study from JWT in New York. The third-annual mobile trend report broke out the top 10 trends in the space in a comprehensive study across 30 countries.

The top trend is the holistic connectivity on the horizon. What this means for marketers, the study found, is that as objects become smart, products blur the lines with services and manufacturers are increasingly becoming service providers. This means the product is personalized for each consumer, opening up lots of new channels for engaging with consumers.

And as these devices creep into our personal lives, safety and security will become prevailing issues because anything connected to the internet can be hacked. The new ecosystems will also create new rivalries and partnerships as different brands and companies try and navigate the connected space.

Mobile as the primary screen, however, is another trend highlighted by the report. JWT originally predicted in 2009 that mobile would become a digital hub, but increasingly it’s becoming a hub for content as well. Globally, time spent watching mobile video increased 719% with 40% of YouTube content deriving from mobile. For marketers and media buyers, this will mean that primetime is anytime, audience analysis will become even more sophisticated and that content discovery will change.

The final trend the study found looks at how mobile is disrupting everything. It’s rewiring consumers and enabling new services and processes never before available. This means that every company will need to be a tech company, the study found. “Rather than fighting to preserve the status quo, companies will need to reinvent themselves for the era of mobile connectivity,” the report states, pointing to Philips, which has shifted from making light bulbs to making smart lighting systems connected with phones.

Check out the complete report here.

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