Koodo brings chargers to life

The mobile phone company has created human phone charging stations for Torontonians on the go.

Koodo is making phone charging into a moving experience in Toronto in August and September with the creation of two “Mobile Mobile Charging Stations.”

The stations are essentially two people dressed in suits that are outfitted with multiple outlets able to charge devices and follow the people who are doing the charging so they aren’t tied to one place while their phone is being juiced up. Work on the project was done by Cossette on media, Taxi 2 on creative and Strategic Objectives on public relations.

Koodo’s moving chargers will be providing power to those in need at Toronto summer events like the upcoming Taste of the Danforth on Aug. 8 and the CNE on Aug. 15. The walking chargers will also appear at upcoming movie premieres, with further details to be announced.

The chargers have their own social media presence on Instagram at @Koodocharger and through the hashtag #koodohasmyback on Twitter. The walking chargers are also being promoted through a paid social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Nathan Roth, manager, digital marketing communications, Koodo Mobile, tells MiC the inspiration behind the walking chargers was the inconvenience of being tied to one spot when your device runs out of battery power.

“Mobile phone charging stations are common these days, but most are stationary,” he says. “People are forced to hang around the station as their phone refuels. We feel that experience is inconvenient – not to mention boring – so we gave our Mobile Charging Station legs. He’ll follow you anywhere.”

The portable charging experience is the latest in one-on-one interactions from the phone company, with Koodo’s El Tabador personally thanking customers through a call-in line to celebrate the phone company hitting one million customers earlier this spring.