September issues: The Kit rebrands

Publisher Giorgina Biogioni on why the beauty and fashion title has updated across platforms and added a weekly shoppable e-newsletter.

Torstar-owned beauty and fashion publication The Kit has announced a rebrand across its online, mobile and print versions as well as the addition of a new weekly shoppable e-newsletter.

Giorgina Bigioni, publisher at The Kit, tells MiC that covering the beauty and fashion industries means an occasional visual update is necessary, but these changes also cater to the changing habits of readers and advertisers.

The majority of readers of The Kit are 35 to 49, followed closely by 25- to 34-year-olds. The most popular platform with the older segment of the demographic is the website, while the interactive magazine ranks highest with those in their mid-20s to early 30s, according to research from the title.

Online The Kit has 110,333 visitors from desktop, 29,243  from tablets and 666,194 from mobile per month, according to the most numbers from Bigioni.

To make the content experience at The Kit uniform across platforms, the title has eliminated its PDF version, which Bigioni said only got traffic when the brand pushed people to it. The Kit‘s digital magazine will narrow its focus, with each of the seven yearly issues honing in on one area like the fall hair guide, which bows on Sept. 15. That will be followed by a winter skin guide and holiday survival guide before the end of 2014. Guides for 2015 will also include a spring skin guide, spring hair guide and a one-minute miracle guide.

“The new magazines will be tighter packages that are more focused overall,” she says. “People are following things online that are more specific nowadays, things with a more focused interest.”


Online The Kit has been updated to become device responsive, and also now has expanded online advertising options. Leaderboard and native ad placements are now available, in addition to the traditional right-hand rail placements.

Bigioni says The Kit is also putting more emphasis on getting rich media content and not flat ads from clients so the magazine has a more interactive experience all around.

The Kit is also introducing a new shoppable weekly newsletter. Bigioni says The Kit has always had shoppable features across its platforms but this new product, which will go out to subscribers every Thursday, will feature curated picks for the week. The blast will also feature one big box ad unit that Bigioni says would work best for e-commerce sites.

In print The Kit‘s weekly edition has added new columns like A Line We Love, Best of a Trend and Style Thermostat. The design of the print version has also been updated to align it more with the newspaper format it goes out in.

Circulation of the print version is shifting, with 10,000 copies now going out to doctor’s offices, hair salons and spas across the country. That is in addition to the copies that go out to Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun subscribers and subscribers of the Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal with annual household incomes of $100,000 or more.