L’Oreal expands role with Luminato

Company CMO Stephane Berube on how it plans to use its sponsorship to bring the festival to a national level through digital platforms.

L’Oreal is expanding its sponsorship of annual arts and creativity festival Luminato in 2015, moving from a presenting sponsor to a major partner.

Stéphane Bérubé, CMO, L’Oreal, tells MiC that the company, which has been involved with the festival for the past eight years, wants to use its expanding role to ensure people across Canada and not just those in Toronto can see activations at the festival by making the festival more digital.

“We want to create a digital festival, so if you’re in Vancouver you could still be part of the festival or if you’re in Montreal you would still have access to the shows that Luminato puts on,” he says. “We want to use digital to make Luminato into a national project.”

According to numbers from Ipsos’ annual market research of the audience shows the majority of people who buy tickets to shows at Luminato are over the age of 45 and are likely to be female with high levels of education. People who attend public performances at Luminato are likely between the ages of 19 and 34 and female.

Luminato’s 2015 festival will be held from Jun 19 to 28 in Toronto. Bérubé says the brand’s sponsorship of Luminato fits into its work with TIFF through L’Oreal Paris and World MasterCard Fashion Week with Maybelline.