Where did the time go?

In August, Canadians spent 100 hours on mobile devices. IPG Mediabrands' infographic breaks down what they were doing.

Of the 744 hours that comprised August 2014, Canadians spent 14% of that time online via a tablet or smartphone.

According to IPG Mediabrands, which compiled the numbers looking at how Canadians use mobile tech – Canadians spent an average of 40.3 hours per person on tablets and 60.7 hours per person on smartphones. (And we wonder why summer flies by so quickly.)

According to the study, tablets are primarily used for entertainment and relaxation, while smartphones are utilized for wayfinding, socializing and finding information quickly. The places Canadians use each device reflects its individual uses, with tablets being used in the living room and bedroom and smartphones getting the most looks outdoors, in coffee shops or restaurants, in stores and again in the living room.

Though the devices have different uses, Facebook is king across both, being noted as the top app on smartphones and tablets, followed by YouTube on both.


Mediabrands Device Differences Infographic (2)
Image courtesy of Shutterstock