Data Dive: Buying into Black Friday and Cyber Monday

IPG Mediabrands breaks down key times and places to reach Canadians for the two mega-shopping days (hint: 60% have started shopping by 10 a.m.).

Shoppers in Canada are spending big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, last year putting down $13.4 billion over the two days.

On average that amounts to $520 per shopper on the Friday and $509 on the Monday. Those numbers are expected to rise this year, with 1.9 million new shoppers expected on Black Friday (Nov. 28) and 2.6 million new buyers on Cyber Monday.

With so much on the line, IPG Mediabrands has conducted its own Canadian research on the consumer habits for those two days, including the 560,000 who plan to take a sick day on Black Friday (and 2.8 million who have a vacation day planned).

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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