Globe’s Q&A campaign aims to up engagement

The paper is asking readers to put forward the questions they want answered across its platforms.

The Globe and Mail is seeking to get readers more involved in the news with a new initiative inviting Canadians to ask questions about topics and stories for Globe staff to answer.

Called “Canada Q&A,” the campaign asks readers to submit questions to, or through email, Twitter or Facebook. Answers will primarily be posted to, with selected answers also appearing across the Globe‘s other platforms, such as a Globe Now video or in print.

Early questions to the program include queries like “with the plunge in oil prices why so little relief at the pump?” and “what is the biggest financial concern for new businesses?”

Sean Humphrey, VP of marketing at the Globe and Mail, says the idea came from a joint brainstorm between editorial and marketing to find ways to take reader engagement to a new level.

The project will not include any native advertising options, says Humphrey. And, he notes, questions the Globe receives from readers may inform coverage beyond the project.

“This is the most formalized campaign around reader feedback and questions that we have done,” he says.

The launch of Canada Q&A is being promoted through ads in Cineplex theatres, radio spots and online advertising. Once more questions have been gathered, a second phase of promotions will include a transit buy in Toronto and Vancouver showing queries that have been sent in to be answered. Media for the promotion is by Gaggi Media, creative is from Naked and public relations is by Environics.