Captivate Network rebrands

The OOH video company has upgraded its on-screen features as it drops "Network" from its name.
Captivate Standard Screen -2015

Toronto-headquartered Captivate Network on Monday unveiled a redesigned look for its office elevator screens across North America.

The company, which is also dropping Network from its name and introducing a new logo, made the changes to its approximately 2,000 displays in Canada and another 10,000 in the U.S. to better engage viewers and benefit advertisers, says Scott Marden, ‎SVP, marketing, research and client development. Canadian advertisers can run ad content in the top right-hand side of the display alongside content from Canadian publishers including Canadian Press, Financial Post, National Post and Reuters.

The key feature of the redesign involves the top left-hand part of the display, where the time and temperature is shown and referenced often by people using the elevator. The change includes on-screen enhancements such as a dynamic background sky in that window, which will change to reflect current weather conditions. That window will also include a ticker with finance, weather and sports news and will expand at certain intervals to occupy the entire left side of the display. This, along with more animations, including a countdown around the news feed, will better entertain viewers, Marden says.

The redesign has been piloted in Montreal over the past two week and is receiving positive feedback, Marden says, adding it was the first redesign of the network in Canada since 2010.

The company has displays in around 200 buildings in major Canadian markets including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Marden says it reaches 1.3 million Canadians and has an average of six million impressions per month. Its audience of professionals have a median age of 38 and an average household income of $103,000.

It also recently launched a larger, 640 by 360 pixel ad unit in the Canadian market and is trying to expand its reach beyond office elevators with its mobile app. Geo-targeting capabilities allow advertisers to push ads to people accessing the app near a building where Captivate has displays.