How Fox’s Empire fared on Rogers

The red-hot drama's finale set ratings records on Fox in the U.S. but airs on a regional network in Canada. Here's how the numbers stack up.

With Fox’s Empire setting ratings records stateside, earning a whopping 17.6 million viewers (overnight) and smashing records for week-over-week growth.

Given the U.S. hype, Rogers Media set the audience bar high for the series’ final episode, repeating a cross-channel play from earlier in the season and airing the two-hour finale on the regional network OMNI, the main net City and a catch-up marathon on specialty FX leading in.

So, did it work?

While not lighting the ratings world in Canada on fire, Empire‘s final episode earned an overnight audience of 270,000 across the two channels for the two-hour finale. The ratings represent an 18% bump over the only other cross-channel broadcast on Jan. 28, and a¬†56% bump in the 25-to-54 demo.

Rogers also expects that number to rise: episodes on the channel to date have seen an average bump of 37% in playback for the final confirmed data.

Empire follows the head of a music empire who is battling a debilitating disease, while his three sons and ex-wife fight to take his place.

The series has already been given a greenlight for a second season by Fox.