Canadian mobile subscribers post record video viewing

According to comScore's 2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus, there has been a 76% jump in the amount of people watching mobile video nearly every day.

Canadians watched online video more than their U.S. counterparts in 2014, watching 1,476 minutes per user here versus 1,170 in the U.S., according to the recently released comScore 2015 Canada Digital Future in Focus Report.

Mobile viewership grew at a particularly significant rate, with a 76% jump in mobile users who said they watch video on their devices almost every day. There was growth across all mobile video viewing categories for mobile subscribers, including a 22% jump in people saying they watch mobile video on a monthly basis, 19% more saying they watch at least once a week and an 8% boost in people saying they watch mobile video once to three times a month on their mobile devices.

The majority of mobile subscribers reported watching web-based videos on their devices, followed by those watching live TV and respondents who watched paid TV or videos. The largest jump in that category year-over-year was the 33% increase in respondents who reported watching TV on their mobile devices.

Likely bolstering the amount of mobile video being viewed in Canada last year was the jump in tablet adoption. Overall, there was a 56% jump in tablet adoption in Canada from June 2013 to December 2014, according to comScore’s report.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock