Freckle expands beacon network

CEO Neil Sweeney on the company's U.S. expansion with partner Blue Bite, and preliminary Canadian results.

Freckle IoT has partnered with U.S.-based mobile marketing company Blue Bite to launch a fleet of 60,000 beacons south of the border.

The Blue Bite partnership means North American clients can now deploy a beacon campaign across both countries within the Freckle network.

The U.S. announcement follows Toronto-based Freckle’s Canadian rollout of 30,000 beacons across the country, with an engagement rate on campaigns to date of around 25%, says Neil Sweeney, president and CEO of Freckle IoT.

“If you base our engagement rate against typical click-through rates, we are dealing with something that is anywhere between 25 to 50 times larger than that,” he says.

Sweeney attributes the high engagement rate to date with the curated nature of its campaigns, only pushing content to people that have opted-in to receive messaging from companies that have placed beacons. Preliminary case studies from Freckle’s beacon network will be available in the coming weeks.

Freckle IoT launched in December of 2014 as a spin-off from Juice Mobile, aiming to focus on new connected device product development in areas like retail beacons, wearables and mobile vending machines.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock