Data Dive: Does TV make you hungry?

New statistics from IPG Mediabrands on the platforms that consumers use most to inform their grocery purchasing.

Does watching TV make you hungry? According to new statistics from IPG Mediabrands, women aged 25 to 54 depend on TV spots the most for informing their grocery store pre-planning.

The data polled the demographic at the start of 2015, asking what touchpoints they most relied on before planning their purchases, during the planning phase and while they were at the store.

Pre-planning was ruled by TV, followed by trying food at a friend’s house and magazine ads.

During the planning stage, females aged 25 to 54 were most likely to be influenced by mobile apps, specifically those belonging to retailers, which were used as examples during the survey. That was followed by grocery store websites and direct mail.

During the shopping phase, product packaging was the most likely to sway decisions, followed by events and mobile apps.


Grocery Shopping Infographic 15th April

Image courtesy of Shutterstock