Google testing new DMP

The company has confirmed it is working to expand its DoubleClick platform.

Google is testing an expansion to its DoubleClick platform that will allow partners to manage their own data as well as that from third parties, making for increased resources against which to target advertising.

The company confirmed it is testing the platform, which industry reports are calling the DoubleClick Audience Center. DoubleClick is the brand name for all of Google’s digital and mobile advertising products.

“We are testing data management capabilities in DoubleClick to help partners better manage their own data as well as that from third parties,” said a statement from Google.

The move would position the company better against Facebook’s people-based ad-targeting capabilities, which it launched last fall through Atlas. The social media co released its first quarter 2015 report yesterday, noting it had 1.4 billion monthly active users in March.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock