It’s Epic Meal Time for Taco Bell Canada

In a first-ever collaboration with a YouTube food channel, the Tex-Mex giant targets a millennial audience.
Epic Meal Time

It’s a match made in Tex-Mex-food heaven: Taco Bell meets Epic Meal Time.

The Canadian arm of the QSR this week launched its latest menu item, the quesarito (part burrito, part quesadilla) via the popular YouTube channel, which is dedicated to the devouring of, well, epic meals. It’s the first time Taco Bell Canada has done an integration deal with a YouTube channel.

In the branded segment, host Harley Morenstein and his co-stars create a giant version of the quesarito filled with original Taco Bell ingredients.

The under four-minute segment already has 400,000 views, signalling that Taco Bell Canada found a fertile venue for its YouTube foray.

The deal marks the first out of Collective Digital Studio, an LA-based multi-channel network (MCN) that creates and distributes original entertainment and branded content that set up in Canada last month.

“This is a new space for advertisers,” says Jordan Bortolotti, EVP, Collective Digital Studio Canada. “A lot of companies know that they need to know it better.”

The integration was handled by MediaCom, Blue Ant Media, the media company that came up with the concept and CDS. Bortolotti worked at Blue Ant prior to his role at CDS.

Morenstein, a former high school teacher, launched the Epic Meal Time channel in September 2010. Since then it has won over 6.7 million subscribers, and garnered over 800 million views.

You Tube is a global platform says Bortolotti, but Canadian viewership on its channels is far above average, and it is moving beyond the millennial market.”Canadian brands can achieve really big scale with these audiences by creating content for them.”

CDS has plans for several similar partnerships this year.