Are viewers still ‘falling’ for TV seasons?

A Videology survey shows 39% of those polled said they were unaware that September marks the start of a new programming season.

Although broadcasters argue that a traditional schedule and seasons still have value for launching a new show and building viewership, new research from Videology suggests that many viewers may not feel the same way.

Just under half (48%) of those surveyed through Videology’s latest online poll reported that their video viewing choices are not impacted by the traditional notion of TV seasons. Thirty-nine per cent said they didn’t even know that September was considered the beginning of a new programming season and 25% said it didn’t matter because “because good TV is available all year long.”

With a sample of 1700 Canadians, the survey sought to determine how shifts in media consumption have changed the traditional focus on the “new TV season.” It concluded that online viewing is having an impact on how people plan what they want to watch. 

Forty-nine per cent of respondents said they watched most of their shows online and 76% said they watch their current favourite show in a non-network space.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock