SlimCut Media moves towards completed views

IAB Canada president Sonia Carreno weighs-in on the value of cost-per-completed-views, as the media co introduces it to its private marketplace clients.

Marketers and agencies are constantly lowering their tolerance for wasted spend, especially online. In order to get ahead of the current trends, Damien Véran, president at SlimCut Media and his team have introduced a new cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) metric on the company’s Upscale private marketplace.

The new metric means agencies can now decide whether to pay for video ad placement by CPM or by completed views. Véran says that video ads on the site average about a 50% completion rate, though it has gone as high as 80% for a recent 30-second spot for RBC.

Upscale is a private marketplace that facilitates video advertising buys between publishers like Postmedia, TorStar, Quebecor and Corus and agencies.

With video as an ad format growing by 28% in 2014 and now representing $266 million in spend in Canada, Sonia Carreno, president, IAB Canada, says that growth will likely trigger a move towards cost-per-completed-views.

“Advertisers will want to make sure their investments are not going to waste,” she says. “As publishers tackle the goal of reaching 100% viewability over the next few years, demands for delivering at this level of accountability will become more common.”

An added benefit to using cost-per-completed views, says Carreno is that it provides a more accurate base to measure post-campaign metrics and inform future projects.

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