Quebecor Media launches MCN

The Quebec-based co joins a growing list of traditional media businesses following consumers online with the creation of Goji.

To capture its share of the online video market, Quebecor Media has announced that it is launching a YouTube-based multi-channel network. The network, called Goji, is geared towards helping digital celebrities maximize their revenue on the online platform.

The MCN targets a core demo of 15- to 30-year-olds. By taking advantage of the media co’s reach, young local creators can now display their work to a greater audience, according to Julie Tremblay, president and chief executive of Quebecor Media Group and TVA Group, in a press release. “They will now be able to show off their talent and be successful right here in Québec and elsewhere in the world.”

The addition of an MCN to Quebecor’s suite of offerings makes it the next big media player to see potential in digital creators.

Bell Media announced the launch of Much Digital Studios in April this year and has been growing its creator roster since. The company announced brand partnerships with the likes of Puma, Bell and Virgin Mobile in August.

And two weeks ago, CBC announced that it has pacted with Fullscreen to create the CBC|Fullscreen Creator Network.

 Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Grisha Bruev