Spotted! A side order of gender equality

Plan Canada offers up some unique specials ahead of International Day of the Girl.

There are lots of great things one can get at a food truck, but how about some gender equality to go with your smoked meat?

Ahead of International Day of the Girl this Sunday, Plan Canada created a branded “Order Up Equality” truck, stopping at various points in Toronto during this past week (ending today) asking people to pledge their support for girls’ rights and for a “#BrighterFuture.”

Plan Canada worked with The Mint Agency and Hill + Knowlton on the “#BrighterFuture” truck tour.

The truck also provides information about girls’ rights issues around the world. For instance, in the poorest countries in the world, 63 million girls don’t attend primary or secondary school, and every year 15 million girls under 18 will be married – nearly one girl every two seconds.

Pledges are also being collecting online through the “Because I Am a Girl” website, with Sears Canada donating $1 for each pledge received. Those making pledges are also asked to support the campaign by posting a photo online and sharing it with friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the #BrighterFuture hashtag.

This year, actor Anna Silk (Bo from Lost Girl) joined Plan Canada as Celebrated Ambassador to help spread the message of gender equality.

RS928_CNO_201510 DOTG Order Up Equality Truck