RBC buys the top: Media Monitors

The financial company bought the most ads in Toronto for the week of Oct. 19 to 25.

RBC bought the most radio advertising in Toronto for the week of Oct. 19 to 25, according to the latest numbers from Media Monitors.

McDonald’s, which held top spot last week, dropped to #2. Canadian Tire also lost a spot, landing at #3. BMO stayed at #4 and Chevrolet made a big jump, moving from #46 to #5, rounding out the top of the list in the city.

Bell Media’s Bravo Canada entered the list on top in Montreal this week. The company was also on the list at #2, with Bell Canada’s business, internet and phone business.

McDonald’s maintained its #3 position from the previous week, the National Bank jumped two from #6 to #4, and CTV dropped from #1 to #5, rounding out the biggest buyers for the week.


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