Facebook’s new low-tech video unit

The platform has a new ad option that allows clients to put photos together and form a video slideshow.

Facebook has rolled out a video advertising option for clients that don’t actually have a video to share.

The new slideshow ad unit allows clients to combine a series of still images to form a video. Now available globally, the new ad unit provides an option to clients who don’t have the financial means or production capabilities to create video ads.

It also helps clients reach Facebook users on mobile who might have slower connectivity, because slideshows are up to five times lighter than standard video ad units.

The new slideshow ad units are measured in the same way video ads on Facebook are, including the new total ratings points (TRP) metric that was announced last month to further align the platform with TV buys.

In a slideshow test, Coca-Cola in Kenya and Nigeria ran a video ad promoting the launch of its new show, Coke Studio Africa. To extend the video ad’s reach the brand took stills from the video and put them into a slideshow. The brand reached two million people, twice its goal, and raised awareness by 10 points in Kenya, according to numbers from Facebook.