Buick buys the top: Media Monitors

The car co bought the most radio advertising in Toronto for the week of Nov. 9 to 15.

Buick bought enough advertising to stay on top of the pack in Toronto, according to the Media Monitors report for Nov. 9 to 15.

Car cos also occupied spots #2 through #4 on the list, with Chrysler, Ford and Mitsubishi all near the top of the list. The National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco dropped from #4 to #5 for the week, rounding out the top buyers in Toronto.

E! entered the list on top in Montreal for the week.  Buyers in the #2 through #4 spots remained stable, with Harvey’s, Desjardins and Bell all staying in the same spots as the previous week. Ford Lincoln jumped from #12 to #5, rounding out the top of the list for the week.


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