Why consumers aren’t watching your video ads

Over half of viewers will abandon a video that pauses more than once, according to a new study.

If your client’s video ads aren’t generating the ROI you expected, it might be because of the number of other spots during the video.

According to a new study from US-based content delivery network service provider Limelight Networks, 61.8% of respondents said they would generally abandon a video if it was interrupted with too many video ads while it played. The survey queried 1,217 internet users in Canada as well as Australia, the UK and the US in December 2015.

Too many ads during a video was listed second only to poor playback quality (65.8%) as the top reason for online viewers abandoning a video.

Over half of respondents (51.2%) said they would abandon viewing an online video if it paused more than once.

If viewers weren’t clear from the outset about what the video they’re viewing is about, 40.8% said they would leave the page.

Non-skippable ads before a video was lower down the response list for abandoning a video, with 26.6% of respondents saying those spots would make them stop watching an online video. Having ads before the video at all was listed by 16.3% of respondents as a reason to skip an online video.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock