Cogeco moves beyond cable

A brand overhaul has resulted in a new moniker for the company, as it aims to reinvent itself.

Cogeco has announced a new brand name and logo for its cable division, renaming the company from Cogeco Cable Inc. to Cogeco Communications.  As well as the renaming of its Canadian division from Cogeco Cable Canada to Cogeco Connexion.

The change follows a review of the brand and its public image, and reflects the company’s plans to move beyond its cable roots.

Last month when the company hired new VPs in sales and marketing, Louise St-Pierre, president and chief executive officer at Cogeco Connexion, told MiC that continuing to have “cable” in its name tied the company to the past.
cogecoCommunications“The “cable” terminology doesn’t reflect the breadth and depth of our current offering, which has evolved greatly over the course of the past few years,” he said. “The word “cable” carries with it the notion that we are not up to date, and inferior to fibre, which we offer already on the vast majority of our network.”

The Cogeco Inc. name will remain unchanged, with the company now sitting as a master brand over its subsidiaries. In addition to Cogeco Communications, those also include Cogeco Diffusion, the company’s radio arm, which will now be known as Cogeco Media.

In addition to renaming the company and its subsidiaries, Cogeco has unveiled a new logo that features a more rounded and clear “C” shape (pictured above). The new brand will be rolled out across North America over the next 12 months.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock