Clear Channel paints Edmonton pink

The OOH company has added a little colour to the city's streets, aiming to make its presence known to commuters and advertisers with its new transit contract.

Edmonton boardsClear Channel Canada has landed in Edmonton and announced its arrival with a bright pink splash since taking over the city’s transit shelter contract.

The company won the rights to the city’s transit shelter contract in August this year, taking over from Pattison Outdoor on Jan. 1.

This week it has launched its first awareness campaign aimed at introducing itself to both advertisers and the Edmonton public, and hoping to bring cheer to the city’s commuters as they trudge through the streets or wait for transit connections on blustery winter days. Creative for the campaign was developed in-house.

“The primary objective of this campaign was to announce to the market that Clear Channel Canada was now in charge of transit shelter advertising,” a company spokesperson told MiC. It also focused on getting out the company’s central message -”where brands meet people.”

Commuters and advertisers will see an Edmonton-wide campaign featuring bright pink signs on 105 transit shelters and 20 super shelters. (Overall, there are 564 transit shelters in the city). The signs have different messaging (“Oh, hello Edmonton! Nice to meet you” and “We’re here, Edmonton,” for example) aimed at introducing the company to the city’s residents and advertising community.

The campaign highlights the transit shelters’ reach in Canada’s sixth-largest market, which has registered a 14% growth over the past five years. An estimated 16% of Edmonton’s 1.3 million population commute to work by public transport, according to the company.

Clear Channel opened an Edmonton office after it won the transit contract to facilitate local business. It also has the street furniture contract in the city of Ottawa.

The Edmonton campaign will be in market for four weeks.