ComScore, Retrak finalize union

The new body will give marketers a single source for measuring large volumes of activity across platforms.

The powers-that-be have officiated the marriage of two measurement bodies. Rentrak takes on ComScore’s name, with the aim of giving marketers a unified measurement system.

In the fall of last year, ComScore and Rentrak announced the merger that would give marketers access to a single platform of analysis.

The union was aimed at combining the strengths of both entities. Rentrak’s measurement platform focuses on capturing box office and set-top box data, while ComScore measures digital. The partnership also provides a more competitive playing field for big measurement bodies like Nielsen. Most of Rentrak’s work is based south of the border, but it has worked with Rogers on measuring VOD data. It also collects box office data for feature films.

The merger also signals a move forward in response to an aggressive industry push for a common system of measuring gross ratings points, or GRPs, as well as ROI metrics across platforms. That demand is growing as digital takes up a bigger chunk of the advertising pie and as viewers continue to shift to consumption on mobile devices.

Gayle Fuguitt, prseident and CEO of the Advertising Research Foundation, noted that the merger offers marketers the kind of “advance insight” they seek given that they “lack the time and resources to stitch together their own data management platforms.”