Pattison wins Victoria contract

The out-of-home company has strengthened its footing in Western Canada and expanded its reach to commuters across the country's air network.
Victoria Airport

Pattison Outdoor Advertising has expanded its access to air travellers across Canada having secured the contract for indoor and outdoor advertising for Victoria International Airport.

The account opens the company’s advertising reach to an additional 1.7 million passengers, the number of people that went through the airport in 2015. 

Advertising for the airport includes backlit boards, digital displays, Gateway TV and vinyl wraps, product displays for automobiles and other products, hotel directories and jet bridge dominations.

The Victoria airport is the second largest one in British Columbia and is used for domestic and international travel. With its addition, Pattison now has a reach of 35 million passengers through its airport network.

The OOH company already has the account for indoor and outdoor advertising at nine airports. These include four airports in Alberta, two in Saskatchewan and one in Manitoba. It also has the external advertising account for Ottawa International Airport and the Halifax-Robert L. Stanfield International Airport.

The agreement will be in effect starting today.