How Twitter users plan to watch the Rio Olympics

According to new research from the social media co, 89% of Canadian Twitter users are planning to take in the Games on TV or online.
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The start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is officially two months away, and though mired with negativity, Canadian partners see a silver lining in the lack of a significant time difference between the two countries.

Michelle Slater, head of marketing, Twitter Canada, noted the one hour difference between Toronto and Rio when speaking about a study the social media co did looking into potential Twitter user engagement during the Olympics.
Twitter included 1,200 Canadians in its global study of users asking about the Rio Olympics.

According to the numbers, 89% of Canadian Twitter users in the study said they are likely to watch the Olympics on TV or online. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of responding users reported being interested in sports, with 38% saying they love sports.

Of those that plan to watch the Olympics, 91% said they intend to view the events online as well as on TV. Twitter users were 23% more likely than the general online population to say the Olympics are important because “everyone is talking about the same thing,” and were 13% more likely to say the Olympics made them feel “part of a global community.”

Looking back to the London 2012 Olympics, Twitter engagement peaked during the opening ceremony and closing ceremony. Slater expects engagement to be much higher this year, though only one in three of the Twitter Canada users that expressed interest in the Olympics said they are likely to tweet their opinions or thoughts during the games.

The Rio 2016 Olympics start on August 5.

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