Mac’s gets frosty with its fans on Snapchat

How Mac's Convenience Stores is targeting a younger demo with limited-release filters on the social media platform.

In order to reach its target demo of Generation Z and millennial Canadians with a new promotion for its Froster frozen customizable drinks, Mac’s Convenience Stores went where they’re hanging out: Snapchat.

The convenience store has launched “You Are What You Froster,” with two radio spots, transit ads and in-store signage all driving attention to its two Snapchat Froster Filters.

The first filter was released just ahead of the long weekend on June 30, and gave users moving banana-peel hair and bright yellow eyes, as well as salsa music to which the hair danced. The second filter in the series will be released on Aug. 1 ahead of the Civic Holiday long weekend. Media in the campaign is from Media Experts and creative is by Giants & Gentleman.

Hina Mian, marketing manager at Mac’s Convenience Stores, said the aim of the campaign is to get the target interacting with Froster on Snapchat in the same way it can in stores.

“The brilliance of this platform is that it’s not just exposure but it’s interactive exposure,” said Mian. “This allows users to become part of the brand story.”

Each of the filters will only be available for one day, both to match the temporary nature of Snapchat, and also because of the costs of running ads on the platform, said Hina Mian, marketing manager at Mac’s Convenience Stores. She would not disclose the costs associated with working on Snapchat, but said this is one of the most expensive campaigns the brand has run to date. A recent industry estimate in Digiday said that Snapchat’s application programming interface (API) could cost advertisers at least $100,000 U.S.

“We wanted to tap into the same experience you would have in the store, but on a digital platform,” said Mian. “Snapchat came to be the right fit to capture the same experience that you would have in the store on a digital platform.”

She added that the campaign comes following a brand rebuild on Froster over the past two to three years that is aimed at bringing it back to its “wacky and fun roots.”

Snapchat does over-index with Mac’s target group. According to the latest numbers from MTM, Snapchat was reported as being used in the past month by 40% of those in Gen Z, but only 10% of those in Gen Y.