NextRadio sets footprint in Canada

The new streamer app, which relies on FM chip-enabled devices for activation, has the potential to reach one million Canadians.

A U.S.-based radio streaming app, which offers advertisers a new way to reach station loyalists on their mobile devices, is now available in Canada.

The NextRadio app, which is free, allows users to stream the feed directly from their preferred radio station on devices that have FM-radio chips. 

The company says over one million Canadians have phones with FM chips, allowing them access radio stations while on the go. Users on the app will be able to use the app’s search function to find a radio station, use a customizable “live guide” screen, see song lists as they play them, rate those songs and interact with stations.

NextRadio2Advertisers reaching listeners on a radio station, will also be able to buy space on NextRadio by adding on what the company calls a “companion ad.” That ad goes on alongside the on-air ad spot that is playing on the site.

Brands can also connect with users through what the company calls  a “card” ad (see image right), which is similar to a banner ad.

The company says the FM chip, in partnership with the app, results in 75% less battery use and up to 20 times less data in comparison to other streaming radio apps.

An additional feature of the app  is its emergency broadcasting service for periods when mobile phone service is down.

The streamer is available through Google’s Play store and is not yet available on Apple’s app store.