Facebook adds to slideshow

The social media co is aiming to extend the reach of the unit by allowing advertisers to turn existing videos into a still-frame show.

Facebook has added to its low-tech slideshow ad unit, which allows clients to make video ads out of a series of still images.

In a strategic effort to extend the reach of the unit, which uses five times less data than the average video, Facebook is allowing advertisers to turn existing videos into the lower data slideshow.

The tool makes this switch by lifting 10 still images from a video and piecing it together to form a narrative on a low-tech unit to target 2G users on Facebook.

Other bells and whistles added for users of the unit include access to Facebook’s stock image database as well as the users’ Pages Photo Library. The update also allows advertisers to add text and music into their shows.

The social media co has also integrated mobile capability into the unit, allowing clients to create slideshows using Android devices while on the go.

Slideshow ad units are measured in the same way as video ads on Facebook, including the total ratings points (TRP) metric announced earlier this year to further align the platform with TV buys.


Image: Shutterstock