Addictive Mobility launches new products

The new suite of products is aimed at capitalizing on mobile screen's full real estate, while also keeping messaging short and sweet as attention spans decline.

Mobile ad tech co Addictive Mobility has added to its suite of mobile-focused video ad products with the launch of three new formats.

Vertical Video, 5-Second Video and Wrapped Video are its new tools aimed at capitalizing on the steady growth of consumption on mobile video.

Vertical Video is a full-screen video format, which the company says was designed to respond to preferred mobile video viewing behaviour – 94% of the time users select portrait viewing options on their screens.

Its 5-Second Video unit is aimed at grabbing eyeballs for a focused period just as Microsoft researchers discovered¬†humans have an attention span that rivals that of a goldfish. Wait, it’s actually shorter; goldfish clock in at nine seconds, humans at eight. That product has been put to test and results show that completion rates (no surprise) are approximately 96% compared with the industry stat of 57% for videos served when an application launches or between screen changes.

Additive Mobility 2Wrapped Video is a format that has been beta-tested in collaboration with Havas Canada and Sephora Canada  (see video, right). In it a video ad is wrapped around an end card in a vertical format. In the case study a branded content video was wrapped around a full screen ad served at the end of the video. That kind of placement is aimed at giving the end user a call-to-action or leave them with a specific and clear message.

According to the company’s internal data, the format results in a 33% increase in user engagement compared to a similar ad delivered in a horizontal format.