Freckle signs attribution deal with AirPush

CEO Neil Sweeney says there's an opportunity in the market as publishers start looking at their data strategies in the hunt for new revenue models

Toronto-based mobile company Freckle has signed a deal with mobile ad platform Airpush to launch The site allows publishers to generate revenue through their data.

Freckle CEO Neil Sweeney, said signing with a company the size of Airpush is a validation of his company’s attribution-focused model and notes it’s the largest deal his company has signed to date.

“Everyone has been focused on their advertising strategy, but this gets them to focus on their data strategy,” he said.

The platform will give access to real-time data user data info, including Freckle’s in-store attribution data.

The goal of the platform is to provide another revenue stream, adding the possibility of incremental revenue to replace losses from ad-blockers. The amount of revenue the publisher earns on depends on how much data they share, added Sweeney.

The idea of attribution isn’t to replace ad revenue, he said, but to be an extension of it. “For individual pubs that maybe have capped out their ad strategy and are now thinking about what is next, they are starting to think about what is their data strategy,” said Sweeney.

The Airpush global network includes 220,000 apps and six billion monthly impressions. The launch of is also the culmination of over a year’s work diving into the data business, said Seth Socolow, SVP strategic partnerships at Airpush in a release.


Image: Shutterstock