The Honda Dealer Association buys the top: Media Monitors

The car dealer purchased the most radio advertising in Toronto for the week of April 17 to 23.

There’s a new buyer at the top of the Media Monitors Toronto chart, with the Honda Dealer Association joining at #1 for the week of April 17 to 23.

The Acura Dealer Association is also new at #2. OLG held steady at #3, while McDonald’s dropped to #4 this week from #2 last week. Mazda also lost a spot, moving to #5 from #4.

In Montreal, it was Finances Quebec holding steady at the top of the list for the second straight week.

RONA made a big jump, moving up to #2 from #64. CTV made a smaller leap, moving up to #3 from #16.

Closing out the list in Montreal were new entries from HBO Canada at #4 and Mazda at #5.


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Image: Shutterstock