Campsite joins forces with Pattison OneStop

The digital OOH advertising company has expanded its programmatic network to more than 3,500 screens across Canada and has broken into the transit, residential and office market.
Pattison Digital Office Network

Location-based advertising company Campsite, which opened its first digital OOH exchange one month ago, has added Pattison OneStop and its network of 2,500 screens to its programmatic network.

The Campsite network now extends to 3,500 screens across Canada (mainly in urban markets), with access to inventory from Pattison OneStop and Newad, which was its inaugural programmatic partner. While Newad’s screens are focused entirely on advertisements in restaurants and bars, with the Pattison partnership, Campsite will have access to inventory in Pattison’s transit, office and residential networks.

Transactions on the exchange are now offered on a cost-per-view basis. Cam Milne, VP and GM of Pattison OneStop, told MiC the company is gradually becoming “more scientific” with tracking views, using anonymized eye-tracking technology. While the tech doesn’t store any images, Milne said it’s become indispensable in an industry that’s obsessed with views and impressions. “It’s able to track the actual eyeballs that are looking at our screens,” he said. “It gives us the best understanding of how people are interacting directly.”

For Pattison OneStop, this marks its first partnership with an open exchange. Milne said it’s the perfect time for the company to get in the programmatic game. He said that the capability to buy programmatically and based on views may also entice advertisers who would not normally buy into location-based advertising to give it a try.

Campsite’s VP of operations Edith Gagné told MiC the plan is to soon expand Campsite’s exchange to include digital outdoor faces as well, although engagements on those faces tend to differ and are usually based on impressions rather than views. Milne said he would eventually like to see more of Pattison’s digital network added to the Campsite exchange, such as its airport Gateway TV option.