Letterkenny brews up a unique marketing strategy

New Metric Media has partnered with a Sudbury brewery to make a fictional bevvie a reality.

Ever wanted to share a brew with the hicks, skids and hockey players of Letterkenny? Well, its producers New Metric Media and a Sudbury, ON brewery are going to help make that dream a reality.

Stack Brewing Corp, in partnership with the Toronto-based prodco, as well as Play Fun Games Pictures and DHX Media, are set to release Puppers Premium Lager, the Official Beer of Letterkenny. The beer will hit LCBO shelves across Ontario on June 29, and will be available all summer.

The idea for the beer came in the writers’ room for season three, exec producer Mark Montefiore told Playback Daily. The writers ingrained Puppers, the official beer of the town of Letterkenny, along with it’s catch phrase (“Who’s a good beer” – we dare you not to say it like you’re talking to a puppy) into the season’s storylines.

“Through some conversations with our friends at Stack Brewery and our relationships in Sudbury, we realized ‘wow, this can actually be real,’” he said.

To officially launch Puppers, certain cast members of Letterkenny will be on hand at an event on June 29 at Get Well bar in Toronto, while others will play host at Peddler’s Pub in Sudbury. The event, which is open to the public, comes ahead of Letterkenny’s season three premiere on Bell Media’s CraveTV on July 1.