District M taps small businesses with new platform

The new platform, known as Mypixel, will open District M's services to a new demo.

Montreal ad tech company District M has introduced a new self-serve ad buying platform today aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses to encourage them to get into the programmatic space.

Using the platform, which is called Mypixel, clients can retarget potential customers who have already visited their website, design various creative formats and distribute ads across more than 4,000 websites. Campaign performances and ROI, including cost-per-click and impressions, will also be tracked.

Adrian Pike, CMO for District M, told MiC the product was introduced to capitalize on the value in SMBs, which he called “an essential piece of the economic pie, whether you’re looking at a country or a global perspective… When you boil things down, all businesses are very similar: they want to attract new customers, retain current customers, and up-sell them.”

Pike said it’s the right time to bring a new client base into District M alongside its larger advertiser and agency clients. He suspects the perceived complexity of the practice tends to stop smaller businesses from investing in self-serve digital ads, although they recognize the importance of digital advertising, he said.

Other ad tech groups to introduce solutions targeting SMBs include Tapped Mobile and Chalk Digital, which partnered to create a self-serve mobile programmatic platform earlier this year.

Image: Shutterstock