How many mobile ad clicks are accidental?

A new survey in the U.S. suggests the majority of them are, indicating a need for better ad use of the growing digital channel.

A new consumer study suggests a great number of mobile ad clicks are accidental, and that the older a mobile user is, the less likely they are to want to engage with ads in the channel.

The study was conducted online among 1,106 respondents in the U.S. by App Annie, a mobile research and consultancy firm that specializes in app marketing. (The study was conducted on behalf of Button, a mobile partnership platform.) It found that the majority of respondents (64%) across three age groups (Baby Boomers, Gen X and millennials) rarely or never intentionally click mobile ads. Millennials are the most likely to do so, but this group that would “often” or “very often” click through is a small minority.

Mobile investment is predicted to rise in the coming years. eMarketer has projected mobile to be a darling of the digital channels marketers use to reach consumers.

By 2020, eMarketer said, mobile spending will reach $5.25 billion and represent nearly 77% of ad spend in Canada.