CHFI wins with men and women in Toronto: PPM

David Bray outlines which radio stations pulled in the biggest audiences in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver for the quarter ended Nov. 26,

As the weather cools down, some of the country’s top radio stations are heating up. Many grew their share in their respective markets, according to the latest PPM release from Numeris, which shows data for the 13-week period ended Nov. 26.


Bragging rights go to CHFI-FM once again with a 12.4% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 11.3% last time out). It also takes the #1 spot with women 25 to 54, delivering a 15.6% share (up from 13.3%) followed by CHUM-FM with a 13.4% share (down from 17.0%).

In an unexpected twist, CHFI-FM holds the #1 spot for males 25 to 54, posting an 12.0% share (up from 11.2 % in the last period) followed by BOOM-FM at 8.9% and Q107 with 8.5%.

In fact, CHFI-FM leads the way for men 18 to 34 with a 17.1% share (up from 14.8%). For women 18 to 34, CHFI-FM tops the list posting an 18.5%.


CBC Radio One grabs the top spot for the 12+ market, with a 15.1% share of hours tuned (up from 13.6% ). Taking the top spot for women 25 to 54 was QM-FM, posting a 15.4% share (up from 14.6% last time out).

FOX grabbed the lead for male listeners 25 to 54, delivering a 11.1% share (up from 10.1%) followed by the Rock101 at 10.1% (up from 9.5%). FOX also came out on top for men 18 to 34 with a 15.0% share of (up from 14.6%). For women 18 to 34, Z95.3 took top spot with 17.1 % share.


102.3 NOW Radio ruled the roost for adults 12+, posting a 9.7% share of hours tuned (down from 10.9%). It also took the top spot for women 25 to 54, delivering a 14.1% share (down from 16.9%). NOW also topped the list for men 25 to 54 with an 11.9% share (down from 13.0%).

For men 18 to 34, Sonic led the way, posting an 18.3% (up from 15.3%). For women in the millennial range, Sonic delivered a 16.8%.


Country 105 led the way in 12+, with an 8.5% share (down from 10.6%).  Country 105 remains number-one with women 25 to 54, delivering a 10.4% share (down from 12.0%), and with women 18 to 34, posting a 15.8% share (up from 14.8%).  For men 25 to 54, CJAY92 took the top with 10.0% (up from 8.5%). It also won the male 18 to 34 demo, delivering a 17.5% (up from 14.8%).

Montréal (Total)

CHMP 98.5FM is took the 12+ market, with a 15.9% share (up from 13.5%).  CFGL-FM won with women 25 to 54, delivering a 16.4% share (up from 13.1%).

For men 25 to 54, CHMP 98.5FM was on top with 15.7% share (up from 14.3%), with CHOM-FM nipping at its heels at 14.4%.  Virgin Radio is won with millennial males with a 14.8% share. The Beat 92.5 took the top spot for women 18 to 34 with a 15.1%, but its share decreased from 18.9% in the previous period.

See summary charts below for percentage shares of hours tuned (Monday to Sunday, 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.)





Montréal (total)

David Bray is president of Bray and Partners