Spotted! Becel’s gastro greenhouse

The margarine brand has opened a restaurant made entirely out of plants.

There are plenty of Toronto restaurants that specialize in plant-based menus. But Becel’s new pop-up to promote its various margarine products is aiming to redefine the term “plant-based restaurant.”

Beyond the items on the menu, the entire restaurant is plant-based. The seats are held together with a soybean-based glue, the menus are printed on a seed sheet that customers can take home and plant, and the plates, cutlery and uniforms are all made of plant material.

The restaurant popped up in an urban greenhouse on Feb. 28 and will host ticketed dinners throughout the weekend.

The restaurant, dubbed “Plnt,” aims to promote Becel’s line of margarines – which includes one entirely vegan product – as an alternative to dairy-based butters. Nicole Fischer, senior brand manager at Becel, told MiC the activation was rooted in the increasing popularity of veggie-based diets.

A survey commissioned by Becel found that one in two Canadians are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods to their diets, but Fischer said there are numerous misconceptions holding people back. “Some think it’s too expensive, some think it’s too restrictive, and there’s the conception that it’s just all salads and leaves.”

For that reason, Becel teamed with TV personality Jillian Harris to design an experience that would curb those perceptions. Harris’ signature vegan mushroom Wellington is on Plnt’s menu, as are dips, spreads and an “edible garden” made from pumpernickel. Becel products are featured prominently throughout the menu.

Harris is promoting the pop-up and her partnership with Becel on her blog and social channels. As part of a broader campaign promoting Becel, the brand will run 30-second TV ads featuring Harris. It worked with Mindshare on the media buy and Edelman on the experiential, social and digital execution.

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