Spotted! A billboard that spies on your beard

Just for Men isn't interested in marketing its new product line to you if you have a bare face. So it won't.

Just For Men
Just For Men wants to get the word out about its newest product line, Best Beard Care Ever. The brand has taken up residency with digital OOH installations at both Toronto’s Union Station and Montreal’s Gare Centrale near points of sale for the new SKU. The boards employ facial recognition cameras (an increasingly common tactic), but the cameras are spying for something specific: beards.

When a board recognizes that the customer walking by is sporting some scruff, it serves a targeted ad to them promoting shampoos, conditioners and oils made specifically for beards. The activations launched last week and will run until the end of April.

Ryan Ghaeli, account director at MediaCom (the agency behind the launch campaign) said when doing its research for the product, the team found that beards were a fairly non-discriminatory trend. “They’re not really favoured by any particular age demographic, and they’re not any more popular among certain niche markets, like hipsters,” Ghaeli told¬†MiC.¬†“Almost five in 10 men have beards, and beards don’t show any sign of going out of style.”

Combe (the parent company of Just For Men and Best Beard Care Ever) partnered with Branded Cities and Big Digital on the Toronto activation and with Astral OOH on the Montreal activation. Brand ambassadors are also present at both locations handing out coupons for trial (in partnership with Eat It Up Media) and educating passersby on the new product.

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