YouTube’s new ad unit keeps it short and skippable

The skippable six-second bumper is being marketed as a high-reach, low-CPM option.
By: Gil C /

YouTube is tweaking one of its existing ad units to catch mass attention in a relatively short amount of time.

Dubbed TrueView for Reach,the new product is a modification of the existing TrueView format. Currently, TrueView spots are bumper ads that run before and during videos that can be skipped after five seconds.

The existing unit must be an ad that is at least 30-seconds long. However, TrueView for Reach offers the skipping functionality to ads between six- and 30-seconds long.

YouTube says this can make the ad up to “95% viewable and 95% audible.”

“We’re seeing brands continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in six seconds, and it’s paying off,” Google video product managers Ali Miller and Kushbu Rathi wrote in a company blog. Miller and Rathi cited an analysis of more than 2,000 global studies that found 87% of bumper campaigns drove significant lifts in ad recall, with the average lift across all campaigns averaging “nearly 20%.”

Vanessa Tsangaratos, digital marketing manager at Pepsi France, said in a statement that it has had a high success rate using Google’s 10-second bumpers due to high completion rates and competitive CPMs. “We saw 30% lower CPMs on average compared to previous campaigns.”

The new unit will get a gradual global roll-out following its announcement Monday morning. Google Canada says the ads are currently being beta tested, and that Canadian advertisers can sign up for the program through their Google representatives.