Captivate’s major expansion in Ottawa

Besides increasing its screen count, the DOOH company has added bilingual functionality to reach a greater number of residents.

Captivate has gone bilingual in Canada’s capital while also adding dozens of new screens across the city.

The OOH advertising company, which provides media and advertising screens targeting high-end and corporate office buildings, has once again expanded its footprint within the Ottawa market. Captivate first entered the city in 2017, touching down in six major office buildings. The company has now expanded its Ottawa inventory to 40 screens.

Captivate has also added bilingual content to those screens, a first for the company.

Barb Huggett, GM of Captivate Canada, said in a release that Captivate’s current strategy is twofold – expanding its footprint in commercial real estate while also adding new functionality to benefit advertisers.

The bilingual functionality is an example of that, she said, with the screens simultaneously running English and French messaging. This opens it to media and advertising partners working in either language. While Ottawa is not “officially” a bilingual city, it boasts a significant French-speaking population, thanks in large part to its adjacency to Quebec city Gatineau. According to Statistics Canada, 8.6% of Ottawa-Gatineau residents identify as French-only speakers, while 44.8% say they speak both.

Current media partners for Captivate include the Canadian Press, CBC and the Weather Network among others. While the company has a larger footprint in the U.S., it now has a presence in six Canadian cities.