Canadians get their newspaper fix online (study)

Most of the over 42,000 Canadians surveyed for the summer 2018 Vividata study reported reading newspaper content in the past week.

 Canadians still have an appetite for newspaper content, according to the latest study from Toronto-based research company, Vividata. It just may be more digestible online.

According to the spring 2018 study, revealed last week, nine out of 10 Canadians reported reading newspaper content online in the past three months.

Results were gathered via 42,739 consumer surveys from Canadians 14-years-old and above across the country between April 2017 and March 2018.

74% said they read newspaper content in the past week – half of whom accessed it on a mobile device. And while 56% living in areas populated by more than 100,000 said they read a community newspaper in the past week, 71% did so in the past month.

It’s not all about digital, however. While many Canadians are consuming newspaper content online throughout the week, one in two said they stick to print on the weekends.

Meanwhile, one in four magazine readers searched online for products, brands or services advertised, one in 10 of whom actually made a purchase.

Along with news consumption trends, the study looked at Canadian’s use of music and TV streaming services.

According to the study, 11 million Canadians used Netflix in the past week and one in three streamed music on their phones, with 20% reportedly using Spotify.

The study also looked at Canadian shopping habits, reporting that 35% are sensitive to the price of things. On the other hand, 26% admitted to impulse buying. Two out of three Canadians also said they stay loyal to brands they already know and like.