There’s more time to get your noms in for New Establishment

The deadline for the brand-side of the awards program has been extended to Friday August 10.
New Establishment Brand

The road to the long weekend was likely filled with a long work to-do list, leaving you with less time to get those New Establishment nominations in. But never fear, MiC is here, and it’s extending the deadline to submit an exceptional mid-level and/or junior marketer for the annual awards program to Friday, August 10.

The program was first introduced in 2017 as a way to recognize junior and mid-level media professionals rising through the ranks (and acting as a successor to Marketing magazine’s popular 30 Under 30 program).

Before August 10, anyone can nominate a colleague or employee (in the marketing department of a brand) they know who is known to be exceptional by everyone around them. By “exceptional,” we don’t just mean a hardworking, pleasant person. We want to hear about professionals who have driven real results, achieved high and regularly thinks outside the box.

This could mean someone who’s led innovative research that helped to steer a campaign, someone who’s come up with a game-changing new idea or truly raged against the status quo and convinced the team to try something new. And remember, the more results we get, the better.

If this sounds like someone you know, we encourage you to fill out the nomination form here. You can nominate co-workers, bosses, clients, employees, rivals or even yourself. Our editorial team will review all of the applications to determine who piques our interest enough to continue researching.

Once we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll be contacting co-workers, managers, clients and partners to get a better sense of how the nominee stands out.

Anyone considering tossing their hat in the ring can get more details at The New Establishment’s FAQ.